Before we talk about how to start affiliate marketing and make money, first you need to know the concept of affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple. For example, lets say you become an affiliate for Jumia and you bring a person to that site, and if that person make a purchase, you will get a commission. This is how affiliate marketing works.

But how do you bring a person to Jumia?

When you signup for Jumia, you will get an affiliate link, you need to promote this link so that you will get paid when people buy from it. How do you promote this link? There’re many way’s to promote this link, either you promote it on your blog, website or on social media network like (facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsap, likedin, etc).


A person visit your blog, website, or your facebook friend click on your affiliate link, this will take him to Jumia. Once he buys the product, you will get a commision.


How to promote product in Jumia and make sales!


Open multiple account on facebook, at least, four facebook account with nothing less than three thousand friends on each of the facebook account.


Sign up for Jumia affiliates program.

To sign up for Jumia affiliate program, go to, scroll down to the buttom of the page and click Become an affiliate. Once you have done this, carefully fill all the details that you have been asked to fill. Once you’re done with this process, verification message will be sent to your mail box, go to your mail box to verify by clicking on the link that has been sent to you from Jumia affiliate program. Once you click on this link, you will be directed to your affiliate dash board.

Your affiliate link, tools (banner and url), everything you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing is in your dash board. You can also check your earnings from this dash board, so take  advantage of your Jumia affiliate dash board.

Now that your Jumia affiliate account is ready, you have to share your affiliate link in all your facebook account to make sales. If you have any other social media account, like instagram, likedin, whatsapp, pinterest, twitter, etc. All you have to do is to keep posting your link there and your link will fetch you money with ease.


Creat a website

The best way to share your link is by creating a website or blog. Before creating a website, you’ve to choose the type of product you want to promote on your website. This is so important because what you choose is what will be the topic of your site. For example, a site that I creat, the name of the site is, I choose this name for my site because of the type of product that I want to promote on this site. If you don’t know how to creat a website, let me know by commenting. Then I promise that my next post will be on that subject, on “How to create a website in five (5) minutes”.


Select the item that you are going to promote on your website

To do that, first go to google, search for Jumia Nigeria [your country] bestsellers, click the first link and sellect your category from the website. This will show you top list product of that category. Now choose a product which has at least four stars rating up higher. Take a look at the features and read the user’s reviews to get an idea about the product. If you like the product, go to the next step.


Write an article about the product

Once you’re writting the article about the product, make sure you write all the user reviews and the product features. Next, add  the image of the product. Now come the important part, adding your affiliate link.

To add your affiliate link, first find your buying button from google images, download it to your computer, then add the image of the buying button to your article. Now go to the product page on Jumia, right click and copy the product link. Then go to your affiliate dash board, paste the link you copy in the page url. After that, copy the final url that is on your dash board, Click the buying button and click edit, sellect the custom url and paste it. Also take open link in a new tab, click update and publish. This is how you promote product’s on your website.

Quick tip:

Always make sure you write an articles which provide some kind of benefit to your readers, this will attract more visitors to your website.

Now lets see how to check your earnings on Jumia

Go to your Jumia affiliate dash board, Click on report and after that, click on daily summary, your total earnings will all be displayed.


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